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sunny 23 °C

It's Sunday 15th, today, my final day & night in Nice, I don't really want to leave here. I've already extended my stay by two nights and had to cut two nights off Madrid as a result. But its been worth it cause I had a totally amazing day yesterday and plan to enjoy today as well.

Thursday ~ 12th October ~ Monaco to Cap D' Ail


On Thursday I met two women, Morine and Karren (2 Lovely Canadians) down in the lobby area and was thinking about where I wanted to go for the day. They mentioned what they were doing and so i asked if I could join them.

We took the bus to Monaco Port and then searched for the beginning to a pathway. Once we finally found it, (wasn't too difficult because Morine can speak French) It was totally amazing. 100_4448.jpg

The water was so blue and its just fabulous around there. We probably followed this pathway round for about 1 or 2 hours. (I cant remeber, time doesn't seem so relevant at the moment)
The walk was lovely I took heaps and heaps of photos just like you see in the travel books.


We arrived at our destination which was an absolutly wonderful secluded little beach in a cove. Called Cap d' Ai. We went for a swim and it was really really beautiful. The water is quite salty, perhaps thats why its so clear? But It was lovely. Its easier to float and I just had a fabulous time.

Behind me is the cove where I swam, but its not such a clear photo.

After the beach we cause the bus back to Nice and I went shopping and for an ice cream in Veux (old) Nice. Old Nice is really amazing!! And the Ice cream stands have so so many flavours. I had marsipan, cassis (which I think is cherries) and Violet. Don't ask me how they make it taste like violet but it was really interesting.
It was just a wonderful day all around. Lovely weather too.

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SWITZERLAND!! - 8th - 11th Oct

Top of Europe...

sunny 3 °C

Hi All!!

This is the first time I have been able to sit down at the internet without stressing about my time running out or costing 5Euros per minute.

I arrived in Nice, on the French Rivera today but I'll talk about Switzerland now.
I hope to upload my photo ssoon too but am not having much luck. So if you're reading this now and you can see no photos it may be better if you just subscribe to this blog and you'll get an email saying I've updated. See my intro blog for infoon how if you're having trouble.

SWITZERLAND 8th Oct - 11th.

On the 7th I arrived in Paris where I stayed just for one night, (See Paris1 Entry.. Comingsoon.)

On Sunday 8th, 8am I jumped on my wonderful, BusAbout Bus and headed down and across France.

It was a lovely journey. The sky was beautiful and the landscape was great. I could hardly take my eyes away from the outside view.

Crossing the French/Swiss border was an interesting experience, they seem pretty strict there and even came on the bus and had to see everyones passports. They looked very serious. I kind of felt like i was back in the war and we were sneaking intothe country.

We pulled into our hostal Camping Jungfrau (click for the link to the website) around 6pm ish.

Its such a beautiful location! We lookover the Swiss Alps, a lovely waterfall and some incredible rocky cliffs. Nice and cold 3 degrees only. The Ausies I was with found it really tough.

I made some travelling buddies who were on my bus and 6 of us went our for a Swiss dinner at a local restaraunt. There isn't very many in Lauterbrunnen, its quite a small village, but I was really nice. I had the typical Swiss meal Rosti which is a potato dish. I had it with curry which is great! And a swiss drink that was unusuall. I decided atthe end it kind of tasted like cheese, sort of.

On Monday 9th, I took a day trip into a slighly larger village reached via train, called Interlaken which is between 2 lakes. It was a lovely day just walking round and shopping a bit.

The Next Day Tuesday was totally amazing!!!

I went to the TOP OF EUROPE which is 3000 something meters up in the swiss alps!
It really was absolutly breathtaking! I caught the early train up at 7am it was still dark and as we were travelling up the sun was rising over the snowy peaks.

Then at the top. WOOOOOOOWWWW!
The snow as soft and delicious as powdered sugar, the sky the bluesest of blues, and the endless mountain peaks. [i] WOW![/i]

Really words simply can't do it justice!
Have a little look at the photos. Tho they don't even come close to being there.

I caught the train back down part the way and then hiked 2 hours through the alps. That was great. My legs are a little sore today but it was totally worth it! Plus it saved me about 7 Euro.

It was a totally stunning day, so warm, sunny. I mean I was walking through the alps in a T-shirt how choice is that.

Ok Thats me for today.
I'm sure I'll have more to say soon about Nice. (Tomorrow maybe)

Aufwiedisen. xxxxx

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Hi all.
Welcome to my travel blog, online message board.

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Only 2 sleeps from this moment.

I'm all set sort of.

This blog is kind of like a group email but with a little more effort involved maily on you're side. Also a way of letting you decide whether you are actually interested or not.

Oh Also if I get really cleaver, or a little bored I'll endevour to translate some of my entries into dutch.

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