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MONACO - Day 9 - 15th October

The coutry in France that is not part of France.

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Day 9 - 15th October

Monaco is the most densely populated country in the world and the world's second-smallest independent country, with a population of just 32,410 and an area of 1.95 square kilometers (481.9 acres). It has more millionaires per capita than any other country in the world

Monaco is a Constitutional Monarchy, which is

a form of monarchical government established under a constitutional system which acknowledges an elected or hereditary monarch as head of state.

Just a bit of interesting information above.

But now about me...

Is started off my day in Monaco in bit of a pickle.
I desperatly needed batteries for my camera and it was Sunday, and so everything was closed.

I spent probably almost a whole hour wondering around the deserted streets of Monaco looking for somewhere which sold batteries. Tried the local Tabac, (Tobacco Store) but had no luck there. I finally found a little Indian Grocery shop and they were more than happy to speak English and help me out. I ended up buying a French Stick for lunch and some fruit.

I felt Joyous and triumphant, thrilled I persevered where many would have perished.

Front of Monte Carlo

I headed down to Monte Carlo, the beautiful and very posh casino. I stood for a while just watching the very expensive cars rolling in and the valets reversing them into their parking spots. There were a dozen Ferrari and Mercedes etc. It was neat.

Monaco harbour

Next I wondered down toward the port and there was a kart racing event going on around the grand prix track. It was pretty choice. Looked like fun.

Kart Race

Infact Ferrari are so loved by the locals they even include them in their Merry-Go-Rounds with the traditional horses.


After trying to take a bunch of photos of the speeding little karts I kept walking along the harbour to try and find the Palace.

I found the walkway up the hill.. Its great that many of these beautiful building such as the Palace of Monaco and the Chateaux I walked upto in Cannes yesterday, are often on top of hills.
They always have a fantastic view and you feel so triumpant when you make it to the top. Which usually involves climbing many steps. A very common feature you get use to in Europe. Steps.

The Palace is Awesome.

Palace of Monaco

Entrance to the Palace

I quite like this photo above. I enjoy watching people whenever I am out somewhere and I thought this was an interesting scene and notice the kid in the background too?

Cannons at Palace

The Cannons here were pretty neat. Obviously not working anymore but they look great and add a nice feature to the place.

After photographing the cannons i headed back toward the main entrance and saw the gaurd marching back and forth very seriously.

It was quiet interesting to watch.

The Gaurd on Patrol

I was feeling a little nervous taking pictures and then suddenly I had a thought, we just assume that these people are not going to blow our heads off with their super big guns.

I dont know. But its an intersting thought I was pondering.

After draggin my self away from the marching gaurd, I could have stood there for ages if I had the chance.
I headed around to the chapel further down some streets at the top of this hill and saw Princess Grace Kelly's Tomb stone.

Me infront of Church where Grace Kelly's tomb is

The Cathedreal its self is quite nice.

The whole area on the top of the hill by the palace was quite nice. Like a little village almost. And walked along this awesome street with all these pretty coloured houses. See the photo below.

Really these type of buildings were one of my highlights of the French Riviera region.

Colourful Monaco Buildings

I look forward to going back to the Palace one day and hopefully it will still be open to the public when Im next in Nice.

That was my last night in Nice sadly. I had a fun time trying to find the bus stop in the morning with my heavy bags, before 8am. I think I got off the wrong stop for the bus and then managed to walk too far and in the wrong direction.
Finally after trying to ask a few people where to go, I managed to get roughly pointed in the right direction and then I was asked a young man who was walking infront of me if he spoke English and luckily he did and pointed me in the right direction. Its quite interesting getting someones attention as they are walking in front of you on their way somewhere looking busy. Especially since I was asking in a forign country.

I made it to the bus with a few minutes to spare and was pretty exhausted, hot and sweating from rushing through the streets with my heavy bags.

All part of the fun and challenges of backpacking. :-)

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